Award-Winning Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Strategy and Positioning

A good communications strategy starts with the right questions. What are your goals? Your brand voice? Who is your audience? What do we want them to do? From there we develop clear positioning, tight messaging and an impactful PR/marcom strategy. We research, analyze, develop positioning, and create a strategy to build awareness and a controlled narrative to inspire action.


  • Competitor communications analysis
  • Internal communications analysis
  • Positioning/messaging
  • PR and marcom planning
  • Campaign development

Public Relations

We are award-winning PR strategists and storytellers. We create narratives, enhance reputations, and keep our clients top-of-mind through earned media, social media, and content. We create authentic messages, develop positive stories that convey value propositions, educate audiences, and position you as an industry leader. The results: credibility and trust that attracts customers, investors, partners, and potential acquirers.

Marketing Communications

From research and planning to campaign execution, we have the experience and expertise to develop a targeted marcom program that engages, informs, and drives leads. Whether your objectives call for lead gen marketing content or conference strategies, social media campaigns or partner programs, Clearpoint will develop a custom-tailored program that meets your unique goals.

Credibility Quotient

An organization’s credibility quotient relies on numerous factors - brand awareness, reputation, authority, endorsements, and defined values. We determine the most effective ways to raise yours and execute. Our proven formula helps clients with ambitious plans to grow market share, be acquired, go public, or merge with other brands.

Earned, Owned, and Shared Communications That Drive Results and Deliver Strong ROI

Successful PR and marcomm is the sum of integrated communications into one strategy that equals a winning credibility quotient. Here are our core competencies we leverage to deliver solid results and undeniable ROI for clients. Every. Single. Time.

Messaging that clearly defines your value proposition and differentiators is key to a successful PR and marcomm program. Everything in the plan should support your messaging and positioning, and work to raise your brand’s credibility across target audiences and goals. Whether that’s growth, funding, or an acquisition.

  • Positioning within your market – we research latest trends, opportunities and challenges in your market and examine the competition to determine how to best position you
  • Messaging development – we use proven techniques to clearly identify the branding messages that will resonate with your stakeholders
  • Key pillars – address overall messaging as well as target audiences and media
  • Differentiators – help prospects identify how you can help solve their challenges better than your perceived competitors
  • Credibility quotient – a formula of PR elements needed to elevate your reputation among customers, investors, prospects, partners, industry analysts, and the media.

All of your organization’s communications work together to create your brand identity, helping clients and prospects to know what to expect when they work with you. Clearpoint develops coordinated programs to expand brand exposure to your target audiences and inspire them to take action. Integrated communications may include all these programs and more.

VOC focuses on stakeholder needs, wants, expectations and preferences. It’s key in differentiating against your competitors. Clearpoint actively gathers, analyzes, and leverages your stakeholders’ opinions, experiences and feedback to develop a smart PR/marcomm strategy and create compelling narratives across communications tactics including: 

  • Case studies/Use cases                   
  • Videos
  • Press releases
  • Award submissions
  • Earned media
  • Marketing materials
  • Testimonials
  • Whitepapers/e-books
  • Social media campaigns                     

Our media experience and contacts span national, regional business, and trade publications to local and international news outlets. We’re creative, tenacious, and driven by finding the right angle to secure earned media for clients. We dig deep to develop compelling stories, place contributed articles, and promote our clients’ wins in inspiring ways. And it has paid off, with high-value editorial hits for clients and awards for our firm.

  • Business media
  • Consumer media - magazines, radio, and broadcast
  • Targeted trade publications
  • Internet sites
  • Podcasts
  • Videocasts

Clearpoint media training provides your spokespeople with the tools needed to effectively relay the company’s story to a reporter, editor, or analyst. They learn to convey objectives clearly, promoting the actions you want your audience to take. Being prepared for the media parlays into being able to communicate effectively with clients and live audiences, too. After being properly media trained, spokesperson confidence and effectiveness increase considerably. Components include:


  • Outline of key facts about journalists and how to speak with them
  • Interview techniques
  • A handbook/workbook for ongoing use
  • Customized positioning and messaging

Clearpoint industry analyst relations programs are designed to get our clients into research reports read by potential prospects and/or acquirers and gain analyst feedback. A cohesive industry analyst campaign ensures that research analysts are aware of your company's strategy, products, services, and solutions, as well as your ability to execute in terms of scale and go-to-market capabilities. This includes:


  • Identification of key analysts
  • Presentation deck, graphically designed
  • Scheduling of briefings on a planned, event-driven, or responsive basis
  • Prep for talking points
  • Facilitation of industry analyst briefings
  • Follow-up notes and support

Whether you simply need a cohesive strategy and internal coaching, or day-to-day management of your organization’s social media sites, Clearpoint can lead the way. Social media should be targeted, manageable, and consistent with goals – giving you positive exposure and growth. Our team is skilled at the following:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Hootsuite
  • Camtasia
  • Canva
  • Hootsuite
  • WordPress
  • Threads 

Capitalizing on award recognition programs and speaking engagements is a great way to put executives front and center and distinguish your company from competitors. But there are tricks to getting included. Clearpoint has more than 35 awards of our own, and an even greater number of awards, recognitions, and speaking engagements that we have garnered for our clients.

  • Speaker development and submissions
  • Conference lists and recommendations
  • Award research and recommendations
  • Submissions
  • Speeches
  • Video interviews
  • Podcasts

We develop programs that help our audience to “discover” you. Whether it’s an organic search program or a pay-per-click play, it’s important that your search terms and key phrases are competitive and effective in driving traffic. We work to integrate your PR and marketing with search marketing for the win.


  • SEO strategies and management
  • PPC plans and management

When a crisis hits, rapidly unfolding events can quickly damage a company’s reputation and operations, putting your business at risk. Whether it’s a data breach, accident, or unanticipated operational failures, a crisis calls for a team that is experienced and cool-headed. Our crisis experts help you with the planning, communications, and media coaching needed to minimize damage to your organization’s brand - quickly.


  • Crisis communications plan
  • Communication trees
  • Messaging and media training
  • Coordination with operations executives, attorneys, other advisors as needed
  • Communications to clients/customers and media
  • Internal communications to managers and employees
  • Recovery communications plan

Doing business across borders isn’t foreign to us. We’ve launched European brands in the U.S. – consulting on differentiated messaging is key and our extensive media lists helps us find the right media targets fast. And we’ve launched great American products abroad - localizing with press releases in the language of the market and pulling in partners on the ground when needed.


  • Global market PR strategies
  • Media relations
  • Press release writing and translation
  • Monitoring
  • Partner collaboration and management

We’ve worked with a broad spectrum of companies within the venture funding. From angels to VCs, and PE firms to traditional banks, we understand the financing ecosystem. With that we’ve worked with dozens of venture-backed companies, working to expand their brand awareness, gain sales and follow-on funding, including:


  • Investor deck review and recommendations
  • PR and marcom plan
  • Press releases
  • Media relations
  • Thought leadership
  • Website planning and content
  • Network introductions

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