5 PR Trends Shaping Marketing Budgets in 2019

Public relations budgets are on the rise, with marketers reporting plans to increase overall spending over the next five years[1].

When one considers the benefits of PR – from setting the strategy to ensuring greater transparency, driving business, and even influencing stock price – it’s no wonder. Seven in 10 executives reported being more inclined to do business with organizations that are thought leaders[2], and PR is critical in establishing thought leader status.

Not only will PR increase in prominence in marketing budgets moving forward; it is also set to change drastically over the next five years, so much so that 87 percent of PR practitioners don’t believe “public relations” will accurately describe the work they do[3]. It is taking on a greater, more complex meaning in the marketing mix.

Why is PR growing in importance? What are the trends driving its growth and causing PR to evolve? Clearpoint Agency PR Director Hilary McCarthy recently spoke with Central Massachusetts’ Communicators Club about five trends in 2019 every marketer needs to know from fake news, to artificial intelligence, and the age-old debate over the effectiveness of press releases.

Download the full presentation to learn more about these important trends for marketers and executives.

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