Creative marketing requires thoughtful input from various sources. And it all begins with research.

Using a combination of primary and secondary research, we skillfully capture customer perceptions, expectations and needs. We look at the competitive landscape and examine competitors’ marketing strengths and weaknesses, giving our clients the competitive advantage.

Voice of the Customer

Tell your brand’s story through the customer experience.

We do the following to uncover customers’ perceptions:

  • Survey and interview customers
  • Leverage customer feedback across your digital touchpoints
  • Expand reach with websites, social channels, influencer networks, press releases and referral sites
  • Develop in-depth case studies, customer profiles, impactful testimonials and reviews
  • Provide powerful feedback from your customers that will resonate with prospects and increase sales

Brand Perception Surveys and Persona Development

Perception surveys help you to understand how your brand is viewed in the market.

We measure and evaluate the following:

  • Brand attributes and features preferred by your customers
  • How customers position your products/services among your competitors
  • Which purchasing criteria your customers value most
  • Personas that characterize key stakeholders

Competitor Communications and Marketing Research

Review and analysis of competitors’ positioning and marketing is a critical first step for any effective PR and marketing program.

We analyze your competition for the following:

  • Key messaging and positioning
  • Media outreach
  • Editorial pickup
  • Awards and milestones
  • Lead generation programs
  • Key word and phrases
  • PPC programs
  • Website tactics
  • Conference and event strategies
  • Social media strategy
  • Use of external and internal comms strategies