Results-oriented planning makes all the difference

We start with the basics – clearly understanding your objectives, assessing the competitors’ communications and developing your messaging in a manner that highlights your differentiators. Then we provide the full-service planning, project management, campaign integration and support that put your brand front and center with your audiences.

Integrated campaigns create ripples in many directions

We develop targeted, coordinated campaigns to generate mass awareness for your brand. We know your prospects have access to many channels when researching your industry and business. So we identify multiple methods to promote your company, products and services efficiently and effectively in the places your prospects are looking – online, print, social media, blogs, videos, broadcast, conferences and tradeshows – to create the branding ripple effect you need.

Flexible, creative and open-minded matters, too

As project managers, we’re adept at prioritizing projects. And if there’s an opportunity that’s not in “the plan,” we’ll pivot to capitalize on opportunities. That’s our culture. Good results depend on creativity, flexibility and knowing where your efforts will net the best possible outcomes.

Our team’s ages and experience span decades, industries and tools

Clearpoint Agency may be just over 10 years old, but our team spans from millennials to baby boomers and everything in between. We have had experience in multiple industries and we bring that horizontal perspective to the table while we gain depth in yours. There probably isn’t an issue nor opportunity we haven’t encountered before. We’re the perfect combination of experienced and fresh, traditional PR and new media.

We can supply the additional creative talent you need

Every client needs a specialist now and then – in addition to our own team, Clearpoint’s consultants and partners range from graphic designers and brand specialists to photographers, videographers, SEO specialists and more.

A boutique agency with an opinion (really)

Gutsy, honest, trustworthy and tenacious – just some of the adjectives clients have used to describe our team. You’re not always going to hear what you want to but we’ll always give you our honest opinion. And we never give up after just one attempt at a media placement or communications challenge. We believe in our clients and in our own good work. Whether we’re advocating for you or for our own creative ideas, we’re not afraid to stand up and be heard.

Your success is our vested interest

You can find bigger agencies that are good at what they do – but you won’t find one who cares more about your success than we do, nor one that is more responsive than we are. It’s our top differentiator – we truly partner with you, to share in your challenges and successes.

Outsource and get it done!

There’s no doubt about it – at the speed at which content is created and shared today – you need impactful, timely PR and marcomm, especially if your competitors are active and engaging your potential customers. But it takes a lot of time.

Outsource to Clearpoint when you know you need a smart communications strategy, but you may not have the time or expertise in-house. We learn your business inside and out, then develop the communications program and keep it going to help you achieve your goals. Clearpoint has the expertise and experience to drive results and get it done!