Client Spotlight


Connequity: A Matchmaker for Business Leads

One of our newer clients,, is a venture-backed startup that has reimagined professional networking with an online platform that creates an ecosystem of new business opportunities.  Connequity employs a proprietary intelligent matching technology called Intelligent Lead GeneratorTM that delivers relevant business referrals that match a professional’s criteria for ideal clients. This saves the time, resources and frustration typical of online and offline networking methods.

Connequity has developed a matching engine that sifts through thousands of candidates to identify highly relevant referrals that match a member’s needs. Members start receiving business referrals in a few days by completing a few easy steps.

Connequity-Door-openStep 1: Sign-up and complete an online profile. Connequity needs to know your profession, the services you provide, and where you do business.  The process is short and easy.

Step 2: Describe referrals you need.  You’ll be asked what types of professionals provide the best source of business referrals for you so the platform can search and deliver the qualified leads you are looking for.

Step 3:  Upload your current contacts.  This is important for two reasons: First, Connequity’s Intelligent Lead GeneratorTM needs to learn what types of business leads you are looking for so it can search among thousands and thousands of referrals on Connequity for matches just for you. Second, thousands of other Connequity members are also uploading their contacts into Connequity, providing more matches for you and other members.

Step 4: Receive relevant referrals and leads.  Connequity starts delivering actionable business referrals directly to your email. In fact, you will receive up to five new referrals a week.

Connequity is preparing for a launch to the general public and is currently under a Private Preview where early adopters can use the site and provide feedback in exchange for an extended Free trial membership.

If you are interested in trying Connequity, we’ve got some friends there and can arrange for an extended free trial ahead of the general public.

Just email and request a “Private Preview” and you will receive an invitation and an extended Free trial membership.

*Offer expires December 10, 2014.