Clearpoint Account Executive to Present at International PR Conference

Account Executive Rachel Hutman will present at the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) in Miami on March 8th at 8:30 a.m. Hutman will co-present with Dr. David Dozier, Ph.D. Hutman’s paper, “Explicating the Concept of Interactivity in the Context of Public Relations Theory,” examines how social media has changed the public relations (PR) landscape and how organizations must change how they communicate and interact with desired publics.

The research discusses the new demands interactivity has placed on PR professionals, including the need for frequent content development and greater public access to organizations via mediated platforms. It concludes that PR practitioners are working longer hours to provide immediate, personalized service to a more active, participatory audience, and that social media provides publics the vehicle to communicate with organizations, resulting in greater accessibility and level of sociability.

“We are extremely proud of Rachel’s research and know the audience will find her and Dr. Dozier’s theories about the interaction between social media and PR insightful and instructional,” said Bonnie Shaw, Clearpoint president.

Hutman obtained her master’s degree in communication and media studies from San Diego State University and leads social media strategy for a number of Clearpoint Agency’s clients.