Clearpoint Agency Adds Three New Clients, All Addressing COVID-19 Business Challenges in Unique Ways

ARCpoint Labs, Downtown Works and North County Biotech Laboratories sought experienced PR team to communicate unique solutions for businesses during pandemic

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 18, 2020 –  Clearpoint Agency, an award-winning public relations firm in San Diego County, creates strategies to help clients position themselves for the best of times as well as the worst. Since the pandemic started, it has added three clients that are addressing the COVID-19 challenges in different ways: ARCpoint Labs of North San Diego, Downtown Works, and North County Biotech Laboratories. Clearpoint attributes the addition of these new clients to the needs all businesses have to communicate their own paths forward and how they have adapted offerings during- and post-pandemic to serve the community.  

Clearpoint’s new clients have each had to pivot, both operationally and physically, to address the challenges created by COVID-19. ARCpoint Labs added a comprehensive menu of COVID-19 tests to its regular offerings of DNA, drug and alcohol, and clinical blood tests for businesses and consumers. In addition, the testing company has stepped up its mobile services offering, where it takes a mobile lab out to business facilities to manage testing onsite and to help businesses bring employees back to work safely.

Downtown Works, a coworking space in Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy that recently opened a second location in Carlsbad as the pandemic started, recognized the increased need for people forced to work from home to have a safe place where employees can work in a flexible manner. To meet challenges of COVID-19 it installed acrylic partitions between open space workstations, medical-grade HEPA air purifiers, and UV-C LED germicidal lights that have been shown to inactivate viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi in addition to Aire Cold Plasma Generators (CPG). CPG kills a high percentage of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus spores and eliminates allergens. Devices have been installed for touchless entry/exit for high-frequency locations. More private offices and outdoor workspaces were added in the Carlsbad location to allow for social distancing.

North County Biotech Laboratories (NCBL) fits into the COVID-19 picture in a couple of different ways. It provides private laboratory spaces complete with foundational equipment for scientists who are working in new and innovative areas of research, such as vaccines or medical therapies, and it offers only single-tenant labs, free from potential security risks and cross-contamination that can arise in benchwork environments. NCBL’s labs meet BSL2 and BSL2+ safety practices. No other laboratories for lease in San Diego County meet this biological safety level.

“The path forward from this pandemic means that businesses must look at every aspect of their operations differently and focus on protecting the safety of their employees, clients and the community,” says President of Clearpoint Agency Bonnie D. Shaw. “It also means that they need to communicate this information honestly, clearly and frequently. These are the brands people will remember for their ability to offer services that solve problems and always provide value.”

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Hilary McCarthy