Messaging and Communications Plan Propels Start-up


Siimpel Corporation is a venture backed optical microsystems company using micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology to enable high-quality digital cameras in mobile phones that are equal to the quality found in larger prosumer digital cameras. The company brought Clearpoint Agency in to clarify target audiences, assess its current communications, and develop Siimpel’s messaging and audience communications plan.


Siimpel understood its competitors’ technologies, but they were unaware of their messaging and marketing tactics; Siimpel had not yet developed its own key messages and had just a cursory Website. There was a disconnect of vision and messaging being delivered from the top executives.


Clearpoint developed a comprehensive Internal Audit survey and an extensive Competitor Communications Audit. Clearpoint held a messaging session with company executives to identify disconnects and unify the leadership around the same vision statement and key messaging. Following the competitive and internal audits, Clearpoint reviewed Siimpel’s branding and imaging, and delivered recommendations to establish stronger communications. Clearpoint brought in a graphic designer to assist with the logo refresh and Website redevelopment.


Siimpel executives were able to use Clearpoint’s research, recommendations and materials to get everyone in the company on the same page. With unified perceptions, messages, materials and communications, the company was able to successfully elevate the Siimpel brand in the minds of its partners and industry opinion leaders, as well as to successfully continue their sales expansion. The company also successfully raised another round of funding from one of its cell phone manufacturing partners.

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