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Big Company Change? Remember to Use Your Words!

Posted on April 11, 2011

Audiences & tactics to remember when communicating a major company change

Having just went through our office move here at Clearpoint, we became very cognizant of something we always remind our clients – the importance of communicating your message to key audiences. When a company goes through a major change such as an office move, rebranding effort, merger, acquisition, or anything that affects the company “image” or message, its executives need to consider all of the different audiences that need to get the message and all the various ways to communicate it.

Clear and straightforward communication with your audiences eliminates confusion and fear, and gets everyone on board with your message. When you (or your PR firm) craft the message, you have more control over what people think, say and do. Of course, the risk of not doing so is that someone else could create your message and run with it – in an undesirable direction. Don’t leave your key audiences in the dark. How would a team function if only the coach knew the score?

Lucky for you, the Clearpoint team has provided a list of important audiences to consider and some example messaging methods to use for an office relocation:  

  • Internal staff – Your team is numero uno! Once the decision is made for your move (or other major change), your internal staff should be the first audience to get the message. Consider a formal internal letter with the good news, reasoning and what they should expect. Give them answers to questions they may get from clients or the media. Then, consider a less formal meeting where you unveil details (pictures!) and have an open discussion with employees. As your brand ambassadors, it’s important that your team is especially clear on your message.
  • Existing and previous clients – Use your move as an opportunity to give good news about your company to clients, in a fun and exciting way. Consider celebrating with your clients by throwing an “unveiling party” to show the new location. Send emails and newsletter updates announcing the change and reminding clients of new capabilities and what’s in it for them. For Clearpoint, we now have more room and better tech tools to host our popular messaging workshops. So we’re highlighting that – and encouraging clients take advantage of it.
  • Potential clients – This audience is similar to your existing clients, but once removed, so there is less familiarity and more formality with this group. You want to position your move similarly, as a sign of good news, but you want to include a little more about who you are and what you do. Consider the PR work horse: the press release. Announce the move, your new capabilities and a general background on the company. On the less formal side, consider blog posts and social media updates, including video. This adds personality and a greater understanding about who your company is.

With so much going on around your company change, it’s important to craft your message and your plan for communicating it to your key audiences. As we say at Clearpoint, the conversation happens with or without you, so make sure YOU are directing the conversation about your company.

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This post was contributed by Alexia Haynes, Clearpoint Agency Senior Account Executive

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Need a Clear View?

Posted on April 11, 2011

Welcome to Clearpoint’s new blog! A Clear View will consist of monthly PR and marketing tips with a twist. We want you to soak up important PR, social media and marketing news in a fun, engaging way. Stay tuned, we have a lot to say! Clearpoint has already had so much going on in 2011! To start with we moved. After nine years we moved from our cozy beach office in Solana Beach to a larger beach office at 511 Saxony Place in Encinitas. What can we say? We like being near the water so we can take our weekly beach walks. We live in San Diego for a reason after all. The new location is fantastic; we have doubled our office space to accommodate our growing team and our popular client services such as our Positioning Program and messaging workshops. We are also having fun exploring Encinitas restaurants and recently discovered Which-Wich, whom we are now ordering from at least once a week (our fave is the spicy black bean burger)! We are also getting to know our new neighbors, and have all joined the YMCA next door.

In addition to our move, our clients have kept us busy too! We landed a new client whom we cannot announce yet, but look forward to announcing soon. We’ve had a big product launch for our client, Projecis. Check out their collaboration tool, it’s the most robust system we’ve seen. And as always, we continue to manage lots of great news, site updates, and social media programs for our clients.

That’s what’s new with Clearpoint! Please check our latest A Clear View posts and check back often for updates. We look forward to getting to know you too and answering your questions and comments, so please leave feedback.

Happy spring!

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