How to Create a Succinct Social Media Strategy

Managing a company’s social media presence can be time-consuming and at times overwhelming. However, taking the time to create a concise, easy-to-follow social media strategy will help to make it fun, manageable and effective.

At Clearpoint Agency, we have developed a one-page social media plan format – that we use for our clients (and ourselves) that provides a complete social media strategy overview. Here’s what it contains:

Chosen Social Media Channels
Before you jump into the deep end of the social media pool, you need to define what social media platforms you want your company to allocate its time, money and resources to. This can be accomplished by defining your key audiences and researching what social media platforms they use.

For example, you may personally like Pinterest, however, it may not be the best social media channel to reach a B2B audience.

Another way you can decide what social channels to use is by looking at what platforms your competitors are actively using. If all of your competitors are using Twitter, it may behoove your company to start an account.

Set Your Objectives
After you’ve created your social media accounts, the next step is to create social media objectives. Outlining and setting objectives will make it easier to find appropriate content to post to your feed.

A few common social media objectives include building brand awareness, increasing followers, likes and total reach, and driving traffic back to your website. While these are common goals, try to tailor your company’s social media based on your unique needs.

Type of Content to Share
Deciding what to post can be the most time-consuming part of social media management. Defining and designating what type of content you want to post can help streamline your searches so you know exactly what you should be looking for.

We have coined a term around our office known as our “buckets” of content we like to use in posting to social media. Each bucket has an overarching theme of content, the “handle” so to speak, then within the bucket is a list of the types of posts that correlate with the overarching theme.

For example, a bucket could be “Company Culture Posts” then the following points could be office celebrations, awards, and recognitions, etc.

We suggest creating approximately 3 – 5 buckets of content to draw on for social media postings.

Stick to a Content Ratio
When it comes to sharing content, many social media experts adhere to the 60:30:10 ratio (Rallyverse). What is the ratio?

  • 60% – relevant content curated from an outside source
  • 30% – content you created, such as a blog post, infographic, etc.
  • 10% – promotional content that promotes a call to action

When it comes to looking for curated content to post, it’s important to read the entire piece to ensure it does not mention your competitors, doesn’t counter any of your company’s philosophies, does not say anything negative about your customers or contains any information you would not support.

It’s important to make sure you try to stick with the ratio to ensure your social media feeds do not become redundant or too self-promotional.

Frequency of Postings
Social media is a great way to stay relevant and connect with your audience, however, it is critical to maintain your social channels through frequently and continuously posting.

Frequency of posting varies from each platform and also depends on your audiences.

Take a look at how often your competitors are posting and take into consideration your bandwidth and budget you have allocated for social media to help you set realistic and manageable frequency rates for posting.

Consider Tools
There are several great social media tools out there that can help monitor your company’s social media accounts. Tools such as Hubspot, Hootsuite and Sprout Social are just a few examples of the different tools available that can help you easily manage your company’s social media accounts under one roof.

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